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Lake Street Strategies Services

Value Transition Assessment

We evaluate and quantify your organization’s readiness for a value-based health care environment. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, finances, organizational structure, partnerships, workforce, and policy.

Policy Analysis

As former U.S. Senate staffers, we are experts at translating state and federal legislation into understandable pieces. Our deep knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, and other health care law allows us to simplify new and existing policy, pinpoint the pieces that really matter for our client, and craft responsive operational or political strategies.

Policy Solutions

Often as institutions adapt to a value-based environment, they collide with arcane fee-for-service rules. Unfortunately, these quirks are common throughout health care law. We craft both policy solutions and government affairs strategies to solve these vexing regulatory and legislative problems.

Programmatic Opportunities

Both federal and state governments offer opportunities for institutions to participate in risk-based programs. We identify opportunities, simplify programmatic descriptions, decipher application requirements, assist in application submission, and partner with institutions during participation.

Technology Audit

The foundation of any successful population health-based institution is technology that advances efficiency, data analysis, and transparency. Technology must also engage external partners and connect to the broader community and its valuable resources. We identify gaps in organizational use of technology and recommend solutions for a broad range of challenges.


The health care industry once operated in silos, but these siloed organizations will not endure. We connect our clients to facilitate partnerships that maximize each party’s strengths, create an integrated care solution, and coordinate community efforts. These partnerships may fulfill clinical, organizations, and financial needs of each participant, including mergers and acquisitions.

Risk Arrangements

Within our partnership work, we help clients develop new risk arrangements. These include traditional discussions between payers and providers, but also between providers and employers, technology companies and purchasers, and among providers themselves.

Market Positioning

New technologies and platforms are revolutionizing health care. But even the best ideas fail without real understanding of the target market. We contextualize our clients’ product, communication, and sales strategies within both local and broad market conditions to maximize penetration.

Waiver Design

State responsibility and flexibility are central themes of current federal health care policy. In this environment, waivers are a key tool for states wishing to innovate care delivery and benefit design while protecting fragile budgets. Our team has experience assisting clients as they design, negotiate, and implement waivers.

White Papers

Successful change requires careful, strategic analysis and planning. We offer in-depth, institution-specific strategic planning, legislative analysis, policy generation, and other research materials for think tanks, advocacy groups, or member organizations.